Bus Service

Bedson_cutout_Many families find transportation to and from school a challenge for many reasons including inconvenience related to schedules, vehicle access, or geography. For this reason, WMEMS is pleased to offer bus service to and from school for both of it’s campuses. WMEMS draws students from all areas of the city.

The school owns their own buses, employs the drivers and establishes the bus procedures. Drivers are appropriately licensed and buses are given regular and thorough safety inspections by certified mechanics.

Bus routes are determined by the location of student’s homes, major roads which provide the most direct access to the schools, concentration of students within a given area, and the age of students (older students are able to safely walk further to meeting their bus).

It should be noted that door-to-door pick-up, while possible, should never be assumed, as the above aspects may not always allow for this.