Early years:

Every child looks forward to their first day of school with excitement and perhaps some fear. The foundations that are set in the early years of school are important to the success that students experience throughout their school years.

The teachers at WMEMS are committed to providing a program that ensures students receive the literacy and numeracy skills that are needed. A Guided Reading and Writing program allows students to work at an appropriate independent working level and to build on their successes. Numeracy skills are also important and teachers provide many hands-on activities as well as practice on paper and computers.

Teachers encourage students to explore and discover new concepts through many different activities. The Early Years program provides an environment where children can develop their God-given talents and skills.

                                                                     Middle years:

Sarah K card copyAsk any educator, parent, or psychologist, and you will find agreement that the adolescent years present one of the most significant periods of change in a person’s life. Read the educational research, and you will find the same conclusion. The National Middle Years Council states that “Young people undergo more rapid and profound personal changes during the years between 10 and 15 than at any other period of their lives”. Attempt to chart this change for just one class of 25 students, and the erratic spikes and dips of your chart will indicate the extreme variability between individuals. What can be predicted is a range from A to Z… what can’t be predicted is the vagaries of any one particular journey. The challenge for a middle school is to meet the unique social, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and physical needs of these young adolescents… no small task.

So how does a school organize itself to educate these children, and how do the key components of an effective middle school come alive in a Christian setting? Researchers and educators agree that teachers who love to be with adolescents are the key indicator of a successful middle school. The love, commitment, and energy of these teachers is the essential beginning, with structure and programming flowing from this imperative. Typically, middle schools will be characterized by a more flexible structure that provides opportunities for students to grow in all areas of their being. This can be summed up as a student centered approach.

If you are looking for a faith based Middle School with small class sizes, high academic standards, dedicated loving teachers, outstanding band and art programs, an excellent physical education program, modern computer labs that are utilized through integrated computer studies, and numerous service and leadership opportunities for students – then look no further. WMEMS offers students all of these opportunities and more.