Faith in our schools

Our schools offer faith-based education rooted in the anabaptist tradition. We incorporate Christian education into each day, and promote Christian values through our lessons. Each child will be encouraged to develop their own belief system together with their teachers, fellow students, and at home with their families. Students at our schools represent over 80 different faith backgrounds, and come from all levels of faith.

Our Statement of Faith

  1. God is the creator and sustainer of all that exists. God has given us freedom and responsibility for the choices we make in our lives. Through Jesus Christ, God’s loving nature invites us to commit our lives to Him.
  2. Jesus Christ is God’s only Son, who lived, died and rose from the dead in order that people could live in a loving relationship with God. Jesus Christ offers forgiveness for people’s sins, the gift of a more satisfying life, and the promise of living forever with God. Jesus’ life is our example and His teachings are to be followed and obeyed in our own lives.
  3. The Bible is God’s message to us. Through God’s Holy Spirit, scripture leads people to faith and guides them in the life of Christian discipleship. We are to search out God’s will for us in the reading of scripture.

How this applies in our lives

The Journey of Faith is a life-long process involving the total person. Our words and actions of faith and hope, as well as our honest seeking, lead us to reconciling relationships with God and with each other through:

  1. Discipleship: Through a life of joyful obedience, we are called to follow Christ’s teachings and examples daily. Our faith is expressed through our words, caring for one another, by sharing with those in need, and by recognizing each person’s value and equality under God.
  2. Peace: Jesus Christ has shown us the way of peace. He taught us to love our enemies, build relationships, and forgive wrongdoers rather than seek revenge.
  3. Family: Children are a gift to be cherished and nurtured in accordance with the will of God. Singleness and marriage are equally valued by God. We believe that marriage is a committed relationship uniting a man and a woman. God intends family relationships to be characterized by love.

Christian education is a way of being with and relating to children and young people so that through opportunities for social, academic and spiritual growth, they are encouraged to accept themselves as persons of worth and purpose. We freely share the message of God’s love with students of all ages while allowing individuals to make their own decisions. The call of Christian education is toward wholesome living in the family, church and community through lives of obedience to the way of Jesus Christ.

What distinguishes our program as a Christian program?

We try to nurture the spirit in a variety of ways. We begin each day with a devotional time where the children hear Bible stories from the Old and New testaments as well as devotional stories based on Christian themes. We include a voluntary individual prayer time in order to foster a personal relationship with God. Music and literature content includes Christian pieces. Christian values and ideas are informally incorporated into daily activities and lessons as opportunities arise.