photoEstablishing positive routines at the beginning of the school year is so important in providing a great school experience for your child.

Creating set routines is especially important for Kindergarteners, but it’s also important for children in any other grade as well!

When we return after summer break, routines can help shift our mindset into one that is primed for learning.

Our Kindergarten teacher at the Katherine Friesen Campus, Trisha Klassen, helps our new students transition into school life by establishing routines within the classroom, but she says there are things you can do at home to help, too.

“Establishing good school routines at the beginning of the year can determine the kind of school year you and your family will have,” Klassen says, “It can also have long term influences for your child as they progress through the school grades and the years of their education.”

Learning these routines early in life are just one way to begin building the foundation for success in the future.

Here are some of important routines you can establish at home:

  • Learning punctuality: Arriving to school on time is helpful both to your child and the teacher. Your child realizes the importance of being punctual and on time when it is clearly demonstrated. Arriving on time to school equals a positive start to the day. If possible, prepare all items the night before so leaving the house in the morning can be as stress-free as possible.
  • Teaching Independence: Carrying their own backpack, changing their own shoes, bringing in their agenda book daily, hanging up their own jacket and putting away their own lunch kit all teach your child that independence is important. They need to be accountable for their own school items!
  • Taking responsibility: Turning in home projects or returning schoolbooks on time is very important. It helps demonstrate the importance of being mindful to those who rely on you for your schoolwork.
  • Restful Evenings: It’s important for children to participate in organized activities, but they also need free time, too. Try not to over schedule your evenings. Giving your child a chance to play and breathe after school is healthy in establishing the importance of down time and family time. An early bedtime with enough rest each evening is also important in preparing your child for the learning they will do the next day!


Establishing positive routines at the beginning of the school year can help both child and parent feel successful about their school experience!­­

We encourage you to adopt these routines if you haven’t already. You’ll most likely notice a difference in your child’s focus and energy with regards to learning and attitude toward school!

Establishing Positive Back-to-School Routines