WMEMS is committed to providing a learning atmosphere that is safe, happy and secure. Simply put, bullying and abusing others is unacceptable. We believe that a well-disciplined environment is essential to the learning process. Mutual respect, co-operation, kindness and consideration for the needs of others are but some of the virtues that are to be evident in our students and staff. When parents/guardians enroll their children at WMEMS, one of the conditions they accept is that their children will comply readily with the WMEMS School Code of Conduct.

All staff members work together to create a positive and peaceful learning environment. Students will be informed about what the expectations are for appropriate behaviour and the consequences that can be expected should they not meet these expectations.

In situations of persistent misbehavior or gross misconduct, the principal, teacher and parent will be involved in determining an appropriate course of action. Students, who have a long-term negative influence on the school, thereby deteriorating the quality of education for other children, may be required to leave the school.

Saying that you expect children to act appropriately sounds great. Teaching them how and what to do is what gets you to the place where students feel safe and have success. At WMEMS, we dedicate teaching time to achieve this. We integrate the Second Step program with biblical teachings to help teach kids about how we expect them to carry themselves and what God teaches us about how we should interact with others. Daily devotions and regular chapel time help us reinforce this message with our students.

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