Faith +Academics + Arts + Athletics + Empathy + Self-Esteem +  Growth + Achievement = Our Grads

Success comes in many forms. Our students thrive throughout their educational journeys, careers and lives. We could devote our entire site to showcasing the many success stories who have come through our schools, but here we have listed just a few examples of students who are meeting with success as a result of the foundations that were set in their early years.


Megan Diamond  Megan_D_cutout

A high-level athlete, and all-around achiever, Megan Diamond attended WMEMS for both early and middle-years education. She always expressed an interest in athletics, and brought her positive energy into the classroom with curiosity and care for others. “The strong academic foundation I received at WMEMS was instrumental in my academic success” says Megan, adding that her time at WMEMS “paved the path that has led to my qualifying for and receiving a full athletic/academic scholarship at an NCAA Division One University.”

Megan excelled in soccer, winning numerous awards and giving back to her sport through coaching and refereeing both as a volunteer and employed through elite private soccer academies. In 2013, Megan’s athletic ability was recognized, and she signed on with University of Wisconsin’s Green Bay Soccer team, earning a scholarship to further her education and athletic ability.



Lynda Van

Lynda’s teachers at WMEMS inspired her to pursue her love of music and desire to get her education degree herself.  Lynda says “The teachers planted a seed of love for music in me. This love of music grew and became a powerful dream to create and share beautiful music and to be supportive of my students in the way that WMEMS teachers were supportive to me. My education at WMEMS instilled values of faith, honesty and respect, which have remained at the centre of my life to this day.”

A grad of Canadian Mennonite University, Lynda is a volunteer with the Winnipeg Police as a Community Service & Victim’s Services Representative, as well as a volunteer English instructor for Older Adults Education Classes for New Immigrants. A kind, and giving spirit, and willingness to teach were evident while Lynda attended our schools, and stayed with her in the core of who she is today.




Cole Friesen

Cole’s passion for achievement is evident in the successes he’s already experienced so far. He says “My time at WMEMS from kindergarten through grade six shaped my passion for sports and helped me develop many friendships that have continued beyond the school’s halls.”

He has continued to excel in and out of the classroom, earning one of only four MHSAA Scholar Athlete Awards for excellence in academics as well as athletics in his graduating year of high school.  Cole is continuing his education in the Engineering faculty at the University of Manitoba, and gives back by volunteering as the head coach of a grade seven volley team.




Sydney Earpwiebe Sydney_E_cutout

Graduating in October, 2014 from the University of Winnipeg, Sydney Earpwiebe has earned her Honours Bachelor of Science in Mathematics degree. A well-rounded, articulate young woman, Sydney is currently working full-time at The University of Winnipeg Foundation on a one-year term. Beyond her graduation and current employment, Sydney says her long-term plans include “lifelong learning and opportunities to make a positive difference in the lives of others.”

While a student at WMEMS, Sydney says she was embraced by a strong sense of community shared by staff, students and families that was strengthened by weekly chapel services, intramural activities and annual trips to camp. She says “I always felt safe at WMEMS and so I was able to grow and extend myself beyond my comfort zone.”


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