Each of our homeroom teachers uses a classroom website to enhance and improve home/school communication. Each site will include an .ics feed classroom calendar so you can keep up with important classroom events that is automatically updated on your computer or phone as soon as an event is added.

To subscribe to a classroom calendar, follow the instructions in our tutorial videos for iPhone or Android users. Passwords are no longer necessary to access these websites, as information contained therein is all publicly available and non student-specific.

Please visit these websites for information specific to your child’s class.

You will receive your password at your Start-Up Conference the first week of school.

WMEMS Katherine Friesen Teacher Site Links:

Kindergarten Grade 1  Grade 2  Grade 3  Grade 4 Grade 5  Grade 6  French  Music   German


WMEMS Bedson Teacher Site Links:

Kindergarten   Grade 1   Grade 2   Grade 3   Grade 4   Grade 5   Grade 6   Grade 7   Grade 8   French  Phys Ed/Outdoor Ed   Music