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Part of developing the whole child, is instilling values and morals into the core of a child’s being. In most cases, moral and Christian values begin and remain at home within the family structure. What makes WMEMS different from many schools, is that we are able to integrate lessons of faith and values into our classrooms in a way that is unique to our school environment.

Through each teacher’s experiences, world examples and looking out at our own communities, we find opportunities every day to show students how being a good moral citizen can impact not only their own lives but also other people’s.

Each year, our students put on fundraisers for different community groups. These fundraisers are run by the students, and help them take an idea of how to help from concept through to fruition.

In the 2013-14 school year, our grade two class led a ‘Cookies in a Jar’ Fundraiser that had them taking orders for the Jars, assembling them, and putting all the money donated towards creating school kits for students in Syria with the assistance of the Mennonite Central Committee. Through this excersise, the students not only provided that money to the cause, but they even assembled the school kits themselves with the help of all grades in the school. This helped to reinforce where the money they raised goes, and the fact that things some take for granted, like notebooks and pencils, are items that students in foreign countries can’t always afford.

Click here to see the CTV news story about the above fundraiser.
Through these types of initiatives, which occur almost every month within our schools, students learn to be aware of the world around them and sympathetic to the needs of others.