Hello and welcome to the page of the WMEMS Parents’ Association

The 5 W’s of the PA (Who, What, Where, When and Why)

  1. Who are we? As soon as you register your child at WMEMS Bedson you automatically become a member of the Parents’ Association of the school and are eligible to participate and attend meetings. There also is a small P.A. Executive that runs the meetings and takes care of P.A. business.
  2. What does the P.A. do? The Parents’ Association meets monthly to get to know one another, discuss topics of interest, areas of concern, and to plan up-coming events. The P.A. runs several fundraisers to raise money that directly affects student learning, their school environment, and/or their safety.
  3. “Where does the P.A. communicate with its community? The Parents Association regularly advertises events and information in the weekly family memo and on the password protected Parents’ Association webpage accessible under the Current Parents button in our main menu.
  4. “When does the P.A. get together?” You are always welcome to attend any or all of the monthly Parent Association meetings (usually the second Wednesday of the month). Meetings run approx. 1- 11/2 hours. There are always opportunities to be an “active” Parent Association member.
  5. “Why should I help the Parent Association?” There are many families in the WMEMS school community. If each family volunteered 1-2 hours a year the small group that has been working so hard on your behalf would have a much easier time of things. Life is busy for everyone with work, kids, home-life, church, volunteering, etc. How about making a small change this year and attend a meeting or two, chair a fundraiser, help with a fundraiser (pick-up, sort, or distribute), or attend one of our workshops. Please try to find the time – we need your support and your help!

Get involved or find out about PA happenings, by visiting the password protected Parents’ Association page for Current Parents.


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